Research Forum of CEFRES: Jewish Studies

Prague, 29 April 2015

The “CEFRES Platform” is glad to invite you to the Research Forum in Humanities and Social Sciences in the Czech Republic.
The forum will contribute to draft the CEFRES’s scientific policy and to set in motion European scientific cooperations.
The CEFRES is writing a new page of its history in the wake of the Cooperation Agreement signed on 21 November 2014 between the Embassy of France in the Czech Republic, the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Charles University (UK) and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AV ČR). A Czech-French cooperation platform in the humanities and social sciences, the “CEFRES Platform” was thus initiated between the CEFRES, the UK and the AV ČR. The CEFRES’s scientific policy, that is, its three research orientations, needs be defined after close consultation with its partners in the Czech Republic.
This upcoming April a series of gatherings will allow researchers from every field in the humanities and the social sciences to introduce their research topics. Discussions will help coining down potential collaborations with the CEFRES. The new director of the center, Ms. Clara Royer, will outline the perspectives of an institution, which after 25 years of existence, is turning into a key element of the Czech academic milieu.

Meeting of the JEWISH STUDIES

will take place on 29 April 2015 at 2 PM in CEFRES (Štěpánská 35, Prague 1).

Please contact Kateřina Čapková (coordinator for the Jewish Studies – if you want to take part at the workshop, preferably before 20 April. Participants are welcome to state whether they wish to present their own work (topic, theoretical frame and methodology), and/or the current trends of their discipline or major projects of their institution, and/or an activity they wish to take part in within the CEFRES Platform. Presentations should be about 10 minutes. At the end of each meeting a “verre de l’amitié” will be offered by the CEFRES.

Attention please: Languages of our meeting will be English and French. Researchers coming from far away can have their train tickets refunded by the CEFRES.

14:00 Welcome Clara Royer (director of CEFRES)

Jewish books and books on Jews

Pavel Sládek (Prague) The study of Jewish book-culture and the need of its contextualization

Louise Hecht (Olomouc) Jewish Printing Culture between Brno, Prague and Vienna in the Era of Modernization, 1750-1850

Šárka Sladovníková (Prague) Jews and Judaism in the Czech Literature of the 19th and 20th centuries

Religion – education – identity

Tamas Visi (Olomouc) Intellectual History of Moravian Jews in the Middle and Early Modern Ages: New Perspectives.

Petr Sláma (Prague) Jewish studies and Biblical theology: disregard or confluence?

Pavla Damohorská (Prague) Jewish Studies and Theology. Teaching Jewish Studies at the Theological Faculties after the Second World War

Jakub Mlynář (Prague) Collective Identities in Oral Histories of Czechoslovak Jewish Emigrants

Jews in 20th century

Jan Zouplna (Prague) Early Revisionist Zionism (1920s-mid-1930s)

Michal Frankl (Prague) Jewish Refugees and Transformations of Citizenship in East-Central Europe, 1935-1939

Hana Kubátová (Prague) Beyond Victimhood. Emancipating Europe From Its Past

Kateřina Králová (Prague)  Jews in postwar Greece (1944-2012)

Kateřina Čapková (Prague) The Inclusion of the Jewish population into postwar Czechoslovakia and Poland

Barbora Císařová (Hradec Králové) Emigration or Aliyah? The Specifics of the Czechoslovak Jewish Emigration to Israel, 1948 – 1968


CEFRES:  Štěpánská 35, Prague 1

Organized by CEFRES