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Jews – History – Memory

The aim of this series is to provide Czech-speaking experts and the general public with access to current international research on modern Jewish history and culture in the Bohemian Lands (today, the Czech Republic) and central Europe from the eighteenth century to the present. It is a response to the lack of quality publications in Czech and an endeavour to inspire further Czech research on the Jews. The series focuses on a period of extraordinary change in Jewish (and non-Jewish) society: the emancipation of the Jews, changes in Jewish religion, their linguistic, social, political, and professional and academic inclusion into society, as well as the limits of such inclusion, the rise of modern antisemitism, the Shoah, migration, and the question of Jewish refugees, as well as the status of the Jewish community under the Communist regime. It includes both original works by Czech experts and translations of foreign works. The series supports a multidisciplinary approach, including social and cultural history.



Sv. 3: Praha rozdělená i sdílená

Vol. IV: Jen pro peníze? Pražské židovské elity v 19. století – skupinová biografie

Martina Niedhammer

This book provides a group biography about five Jewish entrepreneurial families of Prague during the 19th century. Analyzing the economic rise, the political and social activities, and the religious and family life of the Lämel, Porges von Portheim, Dormizer, Przibram, and Jerusalem families, it offers a different view on the Jewish upper class in the Habsburg monarchy than the one often described in literature. The Jewish elite in Bohemia was not indifferent towards Judaism for the sake of assimilation to the German speaking population, but quite the opposite: Textual and visual sources – among them ego documents such as private letters, estate inventories, photographs, ritual objects, and tombstones – attest that its members generally tried to combine various cultural and linguistic loyalties and took a vivid interest in the fate of their coreligionists.

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The series is published by Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, and is prepared by the Institute for Contemporary History at the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Jewish Museum in Prague. It is edited by Kateřina Čapková and Michal Frankl. The editorial board includes leading experts on Jewish history: Benjamin Frommer, Hillel Kieval, Ines Koeltzsch, and Michael L. Miller.

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